Creatin Kinase - CK

Creatin Kinase (CK) is an enzyme released naturally upon muscle injury or overtraining. It's effect is to break down the muscles


It is a good marker for acute muscle inflamation and CK is used as a parameter for monitoring the level of muscle capacity, excercise and possible joint injury



Lactate threshold has been defined* as:


The point during excercise of increasing intensity at which blood lactate begins to accumulate above resting levels, where natural lactate clearance is no longer able to keep up with lactate production


*Ref: Wilmore JH and Costill DL (2005) Physiology of Sport and Excercise: 3rd Edition. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics


At a slightly higher exercise intensity than lactate threshold a second increase in lactate accumulation can be seen and is often referred to as OBLA

OBLA generally occurs when the concentration of blood lactate reaches about 4mmol/L (VO4)


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Maximal Lactate Steady State

Maximal lactate steady state is defined as the exercise intensity at which maximal lactate clearance is equal to maximal lactate production.


Maximal lactate steady state is considered one of the best indicators of performance, perhaps even more efficient than lactate threshold


Beneke R. Anaerobic threshold, individual anaerobic threshold, and maximal lactate steady state in rowing. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 1995 Jun;27(6):863-9)

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Why measure Lactate?

It is proven that V4 increases with training (1) and that improvement of V4 is dependant of intensity, duration and frequency of training (2)


(1) Von Witke et al 1994, Eaton et al 1999

(2) Lindner et al 2000

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