Pippa Funnell talks about EQmach






"EQMACH is the first new supplement I have used for some years. 


The many benefits it has, from helping joints to maintaning a healthy lactic acid level, have had a huge impact on the performance and well being of my top horses.


I wouldn't want to take them off it"


Pippa Funnel MBEl

A testimonial from a Former Champion Racehorse Trainer

"What did I think of EQmach?


"It's safe to say we are delighted with the impact of EQmach. It's here to stay and we shall be using the product with more of our yard over the coming weeks.

Above all a seemingly happier and calmer horse, especially travelling"




Former Champion Trainer (who wishes to remain anonymous)

Former Leading Lady Rider, Permit Holder and Point-to-Point Trainer - Heather Kemp

"My horse, Bay To Go is quite highly strung and I feel it is important to keep him as calm as possible to ensure he produces his best performance in training and on the racecourse.


It was clear that if he became fraught during exercise, for example if a lorry had upset him en route to the gallops, his stress increased his blood lactate levels dramatically.


Using EQmach™ as a supplement in his feed seemed to help him cope with situations, which had previously stressed him out, and helped him to recover quickly after races.


He won 4 races last season and I am confident he will add to this.


I will be using EQmach™ for my horses next season."


Heather Kemp


Former Permit Holder and Point-to-Point Trainer


Former England International Polo Player and High Goal Team Manager - Jamie Peel

"their recovery rates have been dramatically improved"

"I was very excited when the EQmach team approached me to try their product on our high goal horses. Within the ten day trial period I started to notice the effects of the product on our horses almost immediately. Their energy levels had increased and they began to perform more consistently in their training games building up to the matches.


Where EQmach has really made a difference on our horses is at the matches on our two best ponies, that regularly play two chukkas. Their recovery rates have  improved and during the big games our players have been able to make a huge impact with them playing at such a high intensity.


EQmach is now our only feed supplement and throughout our string the horses have benefited enormously."


Jamie Peel

High Goal Polo Manager

Former England International Player

Norwegian Race Horse Trainer - Rune Haugen


In Mr Haugen's experience feed supplements normally have no significant effects on equine performance.


That was until he started using EQmach™


"The results were overwhelming"

Norwegian race horse Trainer Rune Haugen (after 12 months use)

Show Jumper - Jon Harold Gulliksen


My experience with EQmach™ is:

"Overall the horses seemed more powerful in the competing situation and during training, they seemed to work better.


One of the horses changed its behaviour dramatically, from being very nervous and shy towards other horses, as well as having its nerves outside the body, it totally changed behavior to be calm and balanced and it's nerves were more quiet"

Trotting Trainer O. A. Kjosnes

Skogbryn Viktor


"This horse is a mediocre trotter. The effect was that the horse lost it's stride and broke into gallop at the end of races.


After use of EQmach™ supplement, he ran into 3rd place and a new 'best time' for him. He recovered well and was not as tired as he had been before."

Trotting Trainer - Bjorn Garberg



"I feel there is more speed in the horses and that they respond better to the training"

EQmach™ - maintaining equine health

EQuine (UK) Limited

Exclusive UK distributors for

Pippa Funnell


Every batch of EQmach™ is tested for Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances and certified free of NOPS prior to distribution

Proven Outcomes

  • Higher tolerance to training
  • Improved performance and endurance
  • EQmach helps support the immune system
  • Maintained blood lactate levels
  • Less stress and better concentration
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