EQmach™ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use EQmach™

EQmach™ is a highly concentrated mineral supplement with a unique patented Marine ingredient, which has been developed especially for use in horses. It has been tried and tested in a number of countries, and is, for the first time, being introduced into the UK by Equine (UK) Limited


EQmach™ is designed to maintain the health of all horses, particilarly those in competion, racing and breeding.


Horses are athletes - consistent health is important for all top athletes

How is EQmach™ different to other supplements?

EQmach™ has been developed over many years by Veterinary Scientists in co-operation with Norwegian Trainers using arctic marine and organic-bound mineral ingredients, to maintain the general health and wellbeing of horses. It is unique in that it contains a bioactive Marine ingredient. 


EQmach™ is more than just a vitamin supplement. 

What’s in it?

EQmach™ contains only natural ingredients including a patented bioactive Marine ingredient and minerals, in an oatmeal and legume base.

How much do I use?

The average racehorse weighing 400 - 600 kg will require 30 grams per day. A 1kg pot of EQmach™ will last this horse for 33 days.


In cases of stress (competition, traveling, hard training) or sickness (infection or increased risk of infection) the dose can be increased 5 fold and given at a higher dose for between 3 and 7 days.


 Horse's Weight  Daily Amount
150 - 300 kg 15 grammes EQmach™ per day
300 - 400 kg 20 grammes EQmach™ per day
400 - 600 kg 30 grammes EQmach™ per day
> 600 kg 40 grammes EQmach™ per day

How do I feed it?

EQmach™ is added to the evening feed, which should be dampened with a little water.  If the horse is not 'eating up',  add a little moli chop or similar, or mix with a little water and give orally.

How long do I need to feed it?

EQmach™ can be used every day during the training and competition season. In cases of stress the increased dose can show improvements within a few days.

Is EQmach™ safe for Competition or Race Horses?

Yes.  EQmach™ does not contain any 'prohibited' substances and has been safely used under British Horseracing Authority (BHA) International Horseracing Federation Agreement (IHFA) and Federation Equestrian International (FEI) rules.

Pippa Funnell uses and recommends EQmach

Can it be fed to all Competition horses?

Yes.  EQmach™ is suitable for all horses, particularly those in hard training and competition.

EQmach™ is currently being used by Race Horses, Eventers, Show Jumpers, Dressage horses, Endurance horses, Trotters and Polo Ponies.

How can EQmach™ help my horse perform better?

By maintaining your horse's general health, you will be able to do more continuous training work without interruptions from infectious diseases or workload injuries. Good competative results are dependent on the frequency, intensity and duration of that training. 

Do you provide samples?

Clients report that they notice a differences in their horses after 10 - 14 days. We believe that your horse needs at least a month using the supplement for him to benefit.  For this reason we do not provide samples as we feel there is little point. A 1 kg pot will last the average horse about a month.

EQmach™ is suitable for all equines and particularly competition, racing and performance horses. Certified free from NOPS

EQuine (UK) Limited

Exclusive UK distributors for

Pippa Funnell


Every batch of EQmach™ is tested for Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances and certified free of NOPS prior to distribution

Proven Outcomes

  • Higher tolerance to training
  • Improved performance and endurance
  • EQmach helps support the immune system
  • Maintained blood lactate levels
  • Less stress and better concentration
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