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EQmach™ - proven effects for performance horses

GRA™   Good Recovery Agents 

A new class of health product for horses. Specifically developed the meet the need for safe and effective optimisation of health, well-being and performance of the individual horse


EQmach™ contains a patented bioactive "marine' ingredient

EQmach™ is a concentrated mineral supplement designed to maintain the overall 'wellness' of horses that are exposed to frequent and intensive training. An 'endurance product', EQmach™ helps the horse's capacity for recovery after heavy workloads such as training, racing and all types of competition


EQmach™ is unique in that it contains a patented biologically active 'Marine' ingredient, which further protects against airway infections and stress in horses, when administered daily. Competiing horses are exposed to systemic and hard training, just like elite athletes. Success requires consistent and uninterrupted training


In tests, horses whose diet included EQmach™ were found to sustain fewer injuries and airway infections compared to a control group in the same stable that were not receiving EQmach™


Accumulation of excess blood lactate leads to reduced muscle endurance resulting in early muscle fatigue.  EQmach™ helps to maintain an 'athletes' level of blood lactate.


Increased muscle mass has significant impact on the performance of competing horses when it comes to speed and endurance.


EQmach™ supplement contains legumes, oatmeal and organic-bound 'Marine' minerals. All ingredients are natural - it contains no artificial or chemical ingredients


EQmach™ - helps the horse to realise it’s potential

Research has shown that there is a connection between success in 'competition' and how long muscles can tolerate high speed over a longer period without lactate accumulation in the muscles.


EQmach™ helps horses to maintain their capacity for for intense training.

EQmach™ - for better equine health

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Every batch of EQmach™ is tested for Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances and certified free of NOPS prior to distribution

Proven Outcomes

  • Higher tolerance to training
  • Improved performance and endurance
  • EQmach helps support the immune system
  • Maintained blood lactate levels
  • Less stress and better concentration
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