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How to feed EQmach

Recommended normal use:

10g per 150 kg horse per day.


Most horses weigh between 400kg and 600kg, so the dose will be 30g a day.

This amounts to 2 level scoops.  A scoop is located in the tub.  This is given to the afternoon or evening meal, after excercise.  You cannot give too much, in tests and studies we have gone up to 5x dose.

Loaded Dose:


3 days BEFORE a race or competition you can increase the dose 2 or 3 fold. . The week after a race or competition the horse doesnt need to have EQmach, as this is stored in the body after receiving the loaded dose,  but start with the normal dose after 5 days.



Every batch of EQmach is tested for NOPS prior to sale.  Racing rules state that the horse should not have anything other than normal feed on a race day.

EQmach can be blended into all horse feed, or mixed with a little water and syringed into the mouth.


EQuine (UK) Limited

Exclusive UK distributors for

Pippa Funnell


Every batch of EQmach™ is tested for Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances and certified free of NOPS prior to distribution

Proven Outcomes

  • Higher tolerance to training
  • Improved performance and endurance
  • EQmach helps support the immune system
  • Maintained blood lactate levels
  • Less stress and better concentration
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